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Matthew Hess
2014/10/31 at 10:03

My ideals and goals have been called a fantasy by those that believe Democratic or Republican politicians really want to reduce government.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/30 at 18:10

I couldn't be reached for this story. Seriously? Did they even try? No call, no voicemail, no email, no facebook message, no website contact form entry, no twitter message, nothing.


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Third-party candidates likely won't win, but they can make difference in gubernatorial election...


His campaign slogan - The Most Interesting Politician in the World - explains it all. Mike Dunafon, the mayor of Glendale who is running as an independent candidate in the heated two-way governor's race between Gov. John Hickenlooper and Bob Beauprez, is backed by rappers Wyclef Jean and Snoop Dog.…

Matthew Hess
2014/10/30 at 12:31

Public Service announcement:

The Sawaya Law Firm is offering "free" cab rides on Halloween this year for the Denver metro area. You can also call upon an Uber driver in the metro area for a cost.

McDivitt Law is hosting a program called Safe and Sober Free Cab Ride Home in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Pueblo West, to encourage potential drunk drivers not to drive home themselves.

Fort Collins has RamRide which is free for CSU students only.

I couldn't find anything free for Grand Junction but http://www.bemydd.com seems to have some paid options for the area.

Durango doesn't seem to have any options available at the moment. Take a friend with you to be a Designated Driver.

*Note: I do not endorse the groups mentioned above in any way nor do I even know anyone who works with them. I'm just letting people know about services they can take advantage of to help keep their butt out of a cage.

Matthew Hess
2014/10/30 at 11:49

Apparently the major candidates are talking about crime and being tough on it. If we really want to be tough on crime we must first realize that more laws create more criminals. If the laws weren't so numerous their enforcement wouldn't be so subjective.

Matthew Hess
2014/10/30 at 10:03

Ask not what government can do for you, ask what government can do to leave you alone.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/29 at 14:31

The lesson here is that government involvement makes things worse. If we wanted to make things better the logical course of action would be to stop government from getting involved.

Liberty: it's just not that hard.


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Argentina: You won’t believe what law the government just passed


October 14, 2014 Buenos Aires, Argentina In the pantheon of utter political stupidity in our time, the competition is pretty fierce to see who ranks #1. But I have to imagine that, even with so many rivals, Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner makes a pretty compelling argument to be

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/29 at 11:23

Major party candidates want an income tax (If they didn't they would have ended it by now). I do not want an income tax and I've been trying to bring something like this to Colorado.


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Tennessee Voters May Declare Income Tax Unconstitutional - Freedom Outpost


Tennessee Voters May Declare Income Tax Unconstitutional

Matthew Hess
2014/10/29 at 10:03

Government can never be run like a business because it's volunatry to interact with a business and government is not voluntary.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/29 at 09:46

Interesting poll numbers are out. Turns out I didn't steal votes, I earned them equally from across the spectrum except from independents who tend to favor me more. It would appear that independent voters are more likely to research the candidates and not succumb to the fear tactics employed to influence votes.


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Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/28 at 18:19

Matthew Hess shared Loban for Colorado's photo.

I'm hanging out at the Roxborough library until 8pm tonight with Jess Loban who is running for CD-4. Come on over and say hello.

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We are at the Roxborough library this evening at 6:00 PM for a meet & greet. Stop by to ask questions and provide your opinions. I look forward to seeing you there!


By: Loban for Colorado

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/28 at 15:43

Maybe instead of worrying about who is growing a plant without a permit (mother nature doesn't have one) we should be working on the coming PERA disaster, the shoddy implementation of the CORE project which manages 20 billion of state assets, or perhaps even the lack of a monetary solution outside of the federal reserve system.


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Denver police, feds conduct large-scale raids on marijuana grow sites


Denver Police Department officers and federal drug agents executed multiple search warrants Tuesday morning at marijuana grow sites around the city.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/28 at 15:00

C-SPAN has decided to play politics in direct contradiction with their mission of being a pubic affairs network. They have elected to walk back their promise to air the Free and Equal debate I participated in.


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C-SPAN Retracts Promise to Air Colorado Governor Debate


Matthew Hess
2014/10/28 at 10:04

Why are we so suprised when government fails to do something right? It's not as if that failure is the first time government screwed up.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/27 at 18:02
Matthew Hess
2014/10/27 at 10:02

When someone demands a new government program they are basically saying, "Tell the police to use their guns to get me what I want."