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Matthew Hess
2014/11/05 at 10:34

It would appear that we have set a record for the most number of votes a Libertarian candidate has received in the Colorado Gubernatorial race.

To all of those who say I spoiled the election, stole votes, and other similar items. Your exact reasons are why you should be demanding that your representatives push to enact approval voting in Colorado.

However, if you claim the election was stolen because of a candidate not important enough to include in debates, who didn't advertise on tv or radio, who didn't do any phone banking, who didn't send any mailers, who didn't freely hand out bumper stickers or yard signs, who got less than a tenth of a percent of media coverage, and who didn't bring in any real money then you clearly aren't embracing individual responsibility.

Matthew Hess
2014/11/04 at 23:57

Liberty is gaining in popularity again.

As things stand now I have exceeded the margin separating the major party candidates and the hate mail has begun.

If you feel that I'm another election spoiler I strongly urge you to badger your representatives to enact approval voting to prevent future spoilers.

I will, of course, disagree because I worked hard for the votes I have received and believe that I have earned them. A vote is not the property of anyone else but the individual casting or withholding it.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/11/04 at 14:19

Thank You http://wp.me/p2ICNT-Hnl

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Thank You


I started this campaign back in January of 2013 at the urging of my friends. It has been a long road and I have added over 24 thousand miles to my car as a result. At the beginning I made a promise to run a positive campaign. I have adhered to that and taught many about what liberty means along the way. [ 433 more words. ]

Matthew Hess
2014/11/04 at 10:02

Those that find freedom and prosperity too "extreme" will glady labor in chains for political handouts.

Matthew Hess
2014/11/04 at 08:02

Never underestimate the magnitude with which a bureaucrat can screw something up and still claim partial success.

Matthew Hess
2014/11/03 at 10:03

Whenever government fails to provide security the event is used to justify the need for government to be involved in providing security.

Matthew Hess
2014/11/02 at 10:02

Giving a current politician power to do good is also giving a future politician power to do bad. Stop giving politicians more power.

Matthew Hess
2014/11/01 at 09:01

If a particular government program is such a great investment why is government the only one willing to invest in it?

Matthew Hess
2014/11/01 at 08:25

Not career politicians, not wealthy individuals, just regular people who are trying to make a difference. We are the #InvisibleCandidates

Matthew Hess
2014/11/01 at 08:20

Becoming part of government to restrain government is the peaceful solution. #InvisibleCandidates

Matthew Hess
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Matthew Hess
2014/11/01 at 08:10

I am not here to fight a new revolution. I just want to preserve the one we already have. #InvisibleCandidates

Matthew Hess
2014/11/01 at 08:05

The odds are never in our favor. #InvisibleCandidates

Matthew Hess
2014/10/31 at 11:33

When you hear "so-and-so has ZERO chance of winning, they are saying in effect "We lived very well off of the last 17 Trillion we dumped on you kids and want $17 Trillion more - Thank You"!

Matthew Hess
2014/10/31 at 09:03

My ideals and goals have been called a fantasy by those that believe Democratic or Republican politicians really want to reduce government.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/30 at 17:10

I couldn't be reached for this story. Seriously? Did they even try? No call, no voicemail, no email, no facebook message, no website contact form entry, no twitter message, nothing.


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Third-party candidates likely won't win, but they can make difference in gubernatorial election...


His campaign slogan - The Most Interesting Politician in the World - explains it all. Mike Dunafon, the mayor of Glendale who is running as an independent candidate in the heated two-way governor's race between Gov. John Hickenlooper and Bob Beauprez, is backed by rappers Wyclef Jean and Snoop Dog.…