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Matthew Hess
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I'm doing another Reddit AMA (ask me anything). I am scheduling it for Monday at 6-7pm Mountain time.

The AMA will appear here just before 6pm.

See you there!

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I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal. • /r/IAmA


IAmA stands for "I am a", and AMA means "Ask me Anything". This is the home to interviews, from the extraordinary to the mundane. We have several...

Matthew Hess
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Matthew Hess shared Libertarian Party's photo.

Keeping this federal agency around is the same as saying, "no, schools don't need more money, they need more bureaucracy and red tape - that will improve education".

Seems kind of stupid now doesn't it?

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The Libertarian Party believes that "Education is best provided by the free market, achieving greater quality, accountability and efficiency with more diversity of choice. Recognizing that the education of children is a parental responsibility, we would restore authority to parents to determine the education of their children, without interference from government. Parents should have control of and responsibility for all funds expended for their children's education."

Learn more about the Libertarian Party platform at: http://www.lp.org/platform

#Libertarian #EndTheEd

By: Libertarian Party

Matthew Hess
2014/10/24 at 10:06

Passing a law and believing the problem is solved is as naive as believing that major parties will work to cut spending.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/23 at 23:52

I'm just going to leave this here...


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Republican Liberty Caucus condemns Bob Beauprez’s false Promise


Republican candidate for Governor, Bob Beauprez, is out with a new commercial claiming he will defend individual liberty and constitutional rights. Sadly, during his time in the US house of Represe...

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/23 at 23:26

So vote for the people who leave you alone. It's not just a motto, it's a way of doing things right.

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Matthew Hess
2014/10/23 at 10:06

Having the power to do something is much different than having the wisdom not to do it.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/22 at 16:19

I'm headed to Arapahappy tonight. Come on over and join me for laid back discussion on whatever topics come up.


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Colorado Libertarians


NOTE OUR LATER START TIME! :) Now at FIVE PM! Join us at Landry's every Wednesday for Arapahappy Hour, sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Arapahoe County (LPAC). Our goal is to build Liber

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/22 at 14:25

Question the integrity of the elections. Question the choices presented to you. Question our government.


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Mark Udall Advocates Condone Voter Fraud: "That’s not even like lying or stealing"

"Awesome" is a very common word used by Democratic operatives in Colorado when discussing potential voter fraud. Project Veritas Action went undercover in th...

Matthew Hess
2014/10/22 at 10:05

In this day and age a penny saved is a tax loophole.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/10/21 at 21:03

I keep hearing the claim that Republicans believe in a free market.



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Michigan, at the Behest of GM, Targets Tesla With Ban on Direct Car Sales


Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder reminded us all today who actually controls his state by signing House Bill 5606 into law. The law emphasizes an

Matthew Hess
2014/10/21 at 10:06

There is no such thing as a problem so bad that government cannot make worse.

Matthew Hess
2014/10/20 at 10:02

Government won't be fixed because it's not in the interest of many politicians to fix what benefits them so greatly.

Matthew Hess
2014/10/19 at 10:02

Government is best at overreacting, making you afraid of something, telling you who is to blame, and not much else.

Matthew Hess
2014/10/18 at 10:02

Government doesn't work. Why would we put our decisions into the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong?

Matthew Hess
2014/10/17 at 21:50
Matthew Hess
2014/10/17 at 13:59

To one first being introduced to what real liberty means it can be quite disorienting, confusing, and even scary. Don't worry, ages ago astronomers who believed the earth was the center of the universe felt the same way when we figured out it wasn't.