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Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/08/30 at 10:00

A government capable of fixing all the problems is a government able to create more.

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Matthew Hess
2014/08/29 at 10:00

The office of Governor serves as a check upon the legislature. This check is wasted when this office is held by parties in control of legislature. A third party in this office keeps the other two parties in check.

Matthew Hess
2014/08/28 at 10:00

Like a cancer, a government program must be cut out completely. Trimming it around the edges only delays the inevitable.

Matthew Hess
2014/08/27 at 10:11

Mr. Hess,
How should we help the homeless?
I think the first thing that should be done to help homeless people would be to stop hurting the charities that are already trying to help them. The mandated paper work creating more overhead cost for charities is quite excessive, the restrictive regulations that prevent charities from handing out certain supplies or food are needless and intrusive, and the ordinances bullying homeless people away from where they can find shelter or assistance are just plain wrong. In all, I'd say government has done more to hurt the homeless than help them so it's time to bow government out of the picture and allow the charitable organizations to refocus their resources on doing what they do best.

Matthew Hess
2014/08/27 at 10:00

The distinctive feature of government is coercion; the use or threat of force to win obedience. This is how government differs from every other thing in a peaceful society. The others persuade while government compels.

Matthew Hess
2014/08/27 at 07:44

A registered Republican told me this last night. "I just can't vote for the Republican candidate". My response was straight forward. "What I tell everyone is that I want to leave them alone". Her response mirrored what I am hearing across Colorado, "I think that's exactly what we need right now".

Matthew Hess
2014/08/26 at 10:00

A government which excludes other countries from sources of raw materials or from markets for their goods undermines economic motives for maintaining peace.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/08/25 at 16:42

The unemployment rate is only a topical look at what is going on. For the truth one must dive deeper. Real people aren't seeing signs of a recovery yet.


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CO: Employment Lags Pre-Recession Levels


Colorado's employment picture continued to improve in July, but the rosy picture is belied by a deeper look at the state's labor force. Most of the press satisfying itself with glowing reports of the top-line Unemployment rate, the number of people in the labor force, who aren't employed, who are lo…

Matthew Hess
2014/08/25 at 10:00

Today’s schools spend much more time teaching children:
* To be citizens of the world.
* To collect box tops and attend fundraisers.
* To pester their parents to recycle cans and plastic bottles.
* To understand how to live at the expense of others while condemning those who do not.
* To report their parents if they are doing something bureaucrats don't like.
* To practice safe sex.

No wonder test scores are declining, those things aren't exactly academic achievements.

Matthew Hess
2014/08/24 at 10:00

Truth is the most frequent casualty in the war on anything.

Matthew Hess
2014/08/23 at 21:45

If we want more water storage in our state maybe we should repeal laws that criminalize people for capturing rain water instead of thinking bigger government will help with annual shortages.

Matthew Hess
2014/08/23 at 10:00

We need people in public office who don’t want to be politicians or leaders but simply want to enjoy for themselves the freedom America once knew.

Matthew Hess
2014/08/22 at 10:00

Government never subsidized anything it did not want to control.

Matthew Hess
2014/08/21 at 10:00

People often expect public office holders to be "leaders". I'd prefer they act as the representatives they are supposed to be.

Matthew Hess
2014/08/20 at 10:00

One of the reasons people tolerate high taxes and invasions of our liberty is because they hope that government will protect them from criminals and foreign problems but who will protect you when government is the criminal or problem?

Matthew Hess
2014/08/19 at 12:19

If Bob Beauprez wants an "open and honest" debate he can put his money where his mouth is and accept the debate invitation from UNC for September 17th. Right now it looks like his definition of "open and honest" is the same as the definition the Obama or Bush Administrations have operated under. We don't need yet another politician in this office. We need someone who does what he says.

Matthew Hess
2014/08/19 at 10:00

When you help get a law passed that you like you make it much easier for others to pass a law you don't like.

Matthew Hess
2014/08/18 at 10:00

In the private sector your job security is based upon you doing the best job possible. In the public sector it would appear that job security requires mediocrity so that more funding can be obtained in order for politicians to look like they are doing something.