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Matthew Hess
2014/07/31 at 10:00

There is no such thing as a perfect government program. The mere involvement of government prevents any idea from even getting close to perfection.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/07/30 at 15:26

I'm polling at 6% which is a start. If we can push my campaign over 10% Libertarians gain major party status for 4 years and we get seats on canvass boards overseeing elections. We can help fight fraud and corruption in elections and make a difference. Let's do this.


Gravis Marketing Colorado Poll Shows Gardner and Hickenlooper Ahead | Gravis


Gravis Marketing conducted a random survey on 7/8-7/10 of 1106 registered voters in Colorado regarding statewide candidates.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/07/30 at 10:00

When the agency writing the rules doesn't follow the rules you get nothing but oppression.

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Matthew Hess
2014/07/29 at 10:00

Only when government involvement with your life ends can you really begin living.

Matthew Hess
2014/07/29 at 03:47

The use of "qualifications" for office has expanded to a level not seen since property, tax, and racial qualifications were widely used to exclude whole subsets of the population in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today "qualifications" for office are used to oppress the demographic diversity of the populace and maintain the political status quo.

Matthew Hess
2014/07/27 at 18:52

If we return our government to its basic constitutional responsibilities the majority of divisive arguments evaporate. We can bring ourselves together by not asking government for solutions. There is a lot to be fixed but we can do it.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/07/26 at 16:26

Another interview:


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Exclusive: Interview with gubernatorial candidate Matthew Hess


2014 is an election year in Colorado, and Examiner.com is sitting down with some of the candidates for governor so that the voters will be able to make informed

Matthew Hess
2014/07/25 at 10:00

One question that keeps coming up is what can be done to fix a particular issue with a government program. Often, the best way to solve a problem with a government program is by not having government handle more than its constitutionally limited responsibilities. When we ask government to provide a solution the response is always more government which is what creates such problems.

Matthew Hess
2014/07/24 at 16:30

Why should you vote for me this fall? Here are five good reasons and one to make you smile:

I am the only candidate in this race with a massive incentive to adhere with my principles and platform once in office because I want more Libertarians to get elected after me.

I did not seek or receive Romney's endorsement.

I'm not a career politician and have no intention to be one. I have a job to do and I want to get out before I'm as useless as the government I'm trying to fix.

I hear people. You don't have to be a reporter, lobbyist, or party member to tell me your concerns.

I plan on staying in Colorado, where the voters expect me to be, instead of travelling all over the world.

I will be an advocate for the people and not government while in office.

Matthew Hess
2014/07/24 at 10:00

If it is possible for a legislative body to sue the executive branch for not faithfully executing the laws. A liberty minded Governor could sue the General Assembly for passing laws that cannot be faithfully executed.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/07/23 at 11:14

Sign and share our petition! Let's get 3rd party and independent candidates into the polls!


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Demand that 3rd party and... - The Petition Site


Polling companies are part of the status quo problem. We need real change in politics and polling...

Matthew Hess
2014/07/23 at 10:00

Why should you pay your taxes and respect government when government has no respect for you or your money?

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/07/22 at 21:53

Arrogant government goons threatening to shut down a small business. This is how government operates these days; fail at a basic level, blame the productive elements, and threaten and harass them. No accountability, no responsibility, no conscience, and no repercussions. These corrupt blockheads should resign immediately.

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88 Drive In Theatre

Hey everyone here's an explanation as to why you haven't seen any updates about our fundraiser to convert to digital cinema. We are sad to inform you all that we are in fear of loosing our beloved drive-in to a battle against Commerce City. Here is a press release wriiten by our good friend David Williams for Colorado and a letter from the city explaining whats going on.

PLEASE help SAVE OUR DRIVE-IN by SHARING THIS, clicking the link, and signing our petition begging the city to keep the last remaining drive-in, in the metro area alive.


Matthew Hess
2014/07/22 at 10:00

Putting government in a position of imposing morality by passing laws results in politicians deciding what that morality is.

Matthew Hess
Facebook Icon2014/07/21 at 11:20

Millions will be spent this fall to convince The People of Colorado that the major party candidates are slightly different from one another. I want to be able to get our Libertarian message out there so we can show people what different really means.

If you'd like to help me do that please consider making a contribution.


Hess for Colorado


HFC General Fund