My name is Matthew Hess and I am a father, an IT geek, a husband, a volunteer, and a Libertarian. I have been a resident of Colorado for 14 years. In that time I have lived and worked around the Denver Metro Area for the majority of my career. I have worked as a systems administrator and technologist for all of my career. This uniquely positions me to be well informed in all matters involving information technology that Colorado faces. I have invested many hours within the community working with both cub scouts and boy scouts. I have received the Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award for the thousands of hours I have volunteered working in general with The Boy Scouts of America.

I am:

I believe:

  • The most fiscally responsible candidate
  • The most socially tolerant candidate
  • Pushing for the smallest locally oriented government possible
  • The only candidate who rises above partisan politics by combining the best of both major parties
  • The only candidate deeply concerned about the preservation of your individual rights
  • The only candidate talking about accountability for government in all aspects
  • Our state should be restored to a full republic
  • You have the right to believe, worship and pray as you see fit without fear of persecution
  • You have the right to operate your business with minimal government interference
  • You have the right to live your life the way you want to
  • Your rights cannot be taken from you
  • You are the best steward of your property
  • In a citizen run government
  • In the power of you, the individual!